New Water Theme Park in Pasir Gudang !!

The newly water theme park in Johor Bahru is finally opened! With its tagline below, it sure bring more an unforgettable experience and excitement to all people out there especially in Pasir Gudang. It is known as TS Wonderland Water park which situated in Kota Masai. TS Wonderland is one of the group members of TS Group and including with others company such as, TS Complex, TS Hotel, TS Hotel Scientex Sdn. Bhd. and TS Loading and Contractor.

Our Tagline:

Beat the heat at TS wonderland, an indoor wet theme park filled with fun and adventures!


TS Wonderland provide reasonable price for the visitors. You just need spend RM 25 only and you can experience indoor water park and space adventure.  You can play whatever you want and there is no time limited. See? How cool is that?  You can view the info below:

AFFORDABLE PRICERM25 PER PERSON (indoor water park + space adventure)

Free Admission

·         Children (below 75cm)
·         Disabled people (OKU)
·         Senior Citizens ( 60 years above)



Indoor Water Park


Space Adventure

Additional Promotion !!

>BEST DISCOUNT for 100 paxs of WALK IN GROUP!  🙂
   (Terms and Conditions)

>RENT a place for your BIRTHDAY PARTY reservation or FAMILY DAY at Level 1 floor.

Provide the best facilities for the customer:



The Cafeteria


Shoe racks


The Prayer Room




Parking Space

TS Wonderland Water park also provide Rules and Regulation Board for references. Rules and regulations are:

  1. Jeans and rough fabric are not allowed
  2. Jewellery are not allowed
  3. Outside food are not allowed
  4. No smoking


Rule and Regulations Board

TS Wonderland focus is to provide main attraction for children and offered an indoor water park. The price is very affordable to all customer and many activities that can be done at here . This place is also known as entertainment location for family to hangout 


TS Wonderland was build at residential area to improve and upgrade the places .So what do you waiting for? Take your family to go to this place! Let’s spend time with the love ones and create  memories with them. Your kids will definitely love it! Stay say.. HAVE FUN!